UNIX-like on Microcontroller.

UNIX-like on Microcontroller.

Post by Michael » Fri, 05 Mar 2004 07:47:56

Good day.

My name is Michaelo Mitrofanov.
I'm of Ukraine.

I wanna to implement my old idea which I named "virtual kernel"
This technology allow to run UNIX-like OS on microcontrollers with
small data and code memory.
Small means really SMALL (!)
... for instance on PIC12C508A with 768 bytes ROM and 25 bytes of RAM.

Yes my software can't make a miracle,
there is no way to feel all the power of UNIX on such simple device.
But it's quite possible to make few fork()s and pipe()s.

So what is virtual kernel?
It's system of compiling a kernel with application[s] into solid
with difficult system of optimization and automatic kernel

That's it.

My mailing address: (here my name spells differently)
Mykhaylo Mytrofanov
vul. Serafymovycha-3, kv. 127,