2010-03 Audio Sound Plugins ( Plug-ins)

2010-03 Audio Sound Plugins ( Plug-ins)

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010-03 Audio Sound Plugins ( Plug-ins)

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IK Multimedia SampleMoog | 4.4GB
SampleMoogincludes the sounds of all the most sought-after vintage
and modern Moogsynthesizers spanning the entire Moog history, in an
easy to use, sample-based virtual instrument owered by SampleTank available as a plug-in for the most popular DAWs and a standalone
application for Mac and PC.

Toontrack dfh EZdrummer 1.0 VSTi AU HYBRiD DVDR | 626 MB
dfh EZdrummer is a multi-microphone drum sampler designed for
musicians and producers in need of a compact, affordable, easy to
handle plug-in without compromising sound quality or control. The
visualized drums in the interface combines auditioning of sounds and
drumkit construction. The extensive drag and drop midi-library
(featuring 8000+ midifiles) enables users to create a great drumtrack
in just a few clicks. For more advanced handling, users can control
microphone bleeding and levels between drums using the internal mixer.
The mixer also allows stereo and multitrack routing into the host
through one single plug-in, and thanks to the second generation
Toontrack Percussive Compression (TPC), system requirements are kept
to a minimum. The drums for dfh EZdrummer were recorded, produced and
played with the best in the business. From our pro SUPERIOR line wee
adopted the humanizing features that are instrumental in making our
drum samplers the pinnacle in digital drum production. With dfh
EZdrummer, Toontrack have stepped into the next generation of acoustic

Best Service - Artist Grooves VSTi/AU (PC/MAC) | 1GB
Original drum grooves & fills from Simon Phillips, Dennis Chambers,
Kenny Aronoff and Mel Gaynor. Recorded and mixed at Galaxy Studios,
Belgium. Each of the four drummers provides grooves and fills in the
following tempo: 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160.
Additionally youll get single hihats, ride cymbals and kick & snare
grooves in the above mentioned tempi. 24 bit production. Combined with
Artist Drums you have a fantastic collection of drum kits and grooves
played by some of the worlds most respected drummers Simon Phillips:
Toto, Jeff Beck, The Who, Pete Townshend. Tama Drumset Star Classic,
Zildjian K-Series Cymbals Dennis Chambers: Santana, Steely Dan, John
Mc Laughlin. Custom made Pearl Drumset, Zildjian Custom Series Cymbals
Kenny Aronoff: Joe Cocker, Ricky Martin, Mick Jagger. Custom made Tama
Drumset, Zildjian Cymbals Mel Gaynor: Simple Minds, Tina Turner,
Robert Palmer, Gary Moore. Yamaha Special Edition Drumset, Paiste
Cymbals All this is combined with Native Instruments latest
development, the Intakt Instrument. This plug-in is based on the
latest technology. Intakt Instrument enables tempo synchronization,
the groove can also be modified with a shuffle/swing function. Not
only can you sync, stretch, and pitch the loops, but also filter,
effect and modulate them as well! A powerful sound-shaping filter,
syncable delay, and lo-fi effects can inject even more individuality
into the loops.

DFX Audio Enhancer 9.210 | 19.6 MB
The DFX Audio Enhancer is a plug-in that allows the audio sound of
your video is more crisp, alive and have a greater effect. DFX