cd rom drives not able to recognize/read cds in drive

cd rom drives not able to recognize/read cds in drive

Post by aldelon1 » Sat, 01 Nov 2003 06:44:21

I have a cdrom and a cdwriter installed on Win2000. Previous
to installing recent version of Nero when I inserted a cd in either
drives I was able to not only view the content of cd but the auto run
was working too. After Nero installation when I insert a cd in either
drive it shows the message "please insert a cd....". But if I have an
audio cd and bring up for example Windows Media Player or Real Audio
first, then I'm able to play the cd.
I have removed the Nero software but problem still exists.
Please advise if you have any idea how I might go about
troubleshooting this problem.

1. cd rom drives not able to recognize/read cds in drive

2. CD drive does not recognize cd-rom or audio cd, but plays DVD

My Compaq laptop has a TEAC DW-224e DVD/CD-RW drive. It use to work fine,
but suddenly the computer does not read any data from a CD-ROM or an audio
CD. The icon for the drive is there, but it contains no files. None of the
audio players detect any files in it. However, DVD's work fine, manual or
autoplay. I also was not able to burn a CD. Roxio could not burn anything
and WMP did not recognize a blank disc was in the drive. I have done
research into the burner issue and found that the IMAPI CD-burning COM was
not set to start, so I have reset that using the Administrative Tools
function in the Control Panel. However, I have not yet tried to burn a CD.
This is the least important of the functions for the drive. Using CD-ROMs
and listening to Audio CD is more important.

I believe there is some software issue or key that needs to be reset, but
have not been able to locate it. Drivers are current, as TEAC does not
supply drivers for this OEM drive, and uses the installed Microsoft CD
driver. Update indicates that the current driver is installed. It starts to
run when a disc is inserted, but then stops. Running SP1.

Any ideas?

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