Multimedia Fusion, etc

Multimedia Fusion, etc

Post by Iain » Fri, 03 Feb 2006 23:06:51

Does anybody here feel that this design format is underrated and more
cultish than it deserves to be? I wish they didn't market themselves so
much as playthings.

If find that these things _seem_ inflexible at first, especially given
the piss-poor examples of their usage, but anyone who's explored the
combination of tools and what each can do, has found that it is really
only one wretched dimension away from "coding" quite easily the
dynamics of many top selling games, etc. I started using it for a
while, and then could stop looking at games like Half-Life and thinking
how easily it could have been done in a 3D version of MMF if such a
thing existed.

On the other hand I can't stand the likes of DarkBasic, etc.

What think you?