Latency problem with Creative Audigy 2 ZS & USB Midi device

Latency problem with Creative Audigy 2 ZS & USB Midi device

Post by bilbobaggi » Tue, 23 May 2006 15:32:33

I have a creative labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZX PCMCIA card which is
plugged into my LG 3ghz Laptop.

I connect my Yamaha WX5 Midi Wind Controller to the laptop via an
"M-Audio" generic USB-2 Midi port.

When I play the WX5 through the laptop in this configuration, I get a
125ms latency which makes it useless for performance. In fact the
latency is just as bad as when I used the on-board FM-Synth that comes
with Windows.

I use the Soundfont Bank Manager to process the midi signals. In the
"Midi Devices" the Soundfont Synth is showing as the soundfont device,
so I am quite sure it's not using the on-board FM synth by mistake.

I also tried using Jazz++ to process the midi signals instead, and have
the same latency issue.

I installed the ASIO-4-All driver to try and fix this problem, and have
upgraded all the creative software to the latest version.

None of this lowers the latency.

Incidentally, When I run the Creative Audio Console, although the Wave
Device shows as being the SB Audigy 2, the MIDI device shows as "Not

Is what I am trying to do unachievable?

Latency problem with Creative Audigy 2 ZS & USB Midi device

Post by bilbobaggi » Thu, 25 May 2006 08:04:53

I have made progress on this issue:

The software I was using was not ASIO aware. Creative Soundfont Bank
Manager does not take advantage of ASIO, which is why I was getting
most of the delay.

I downloaded Tobybear Minihost (VST) from
the sfz VSTi from rgc:audio at
enables me to play the soundfonts that came with the Audigy.

I had to disable midi thru to stop the problem where I got two
different midi sounds coming through at once - one about 100ms after
the other.

In the Asio settings I had to set the delay to 4ms. When I used 2ms I
got some ugly distortion.

I did not have to use the Asio4All driver. The native drivers that
came with the Audigy worked fine.

However, I still get a small but noticeable delay when playing via the
Audigy. It's not that much now, but it's enough to affect the timing
of my playing.

Despite its age, the sounds I get from my MU50R synth, are much
quicker, warmer and more authentic than the sounds from the Audigy