Analog BASStard reason refill

Analog BASStard reason refill

Post by andrei » Wed, 12 Jan 2005 07:58:35

Hello people!

I'm the webmaster of Kreativ Sounds and I would like to announce a new
reason products if it's possible ...

Analog BASStard is a complete collection of dirty, fat and warm analog
basses, where the sounds of best analog filters are sculpted by the
amazing filters from NNXT and NN19 samplers.

Analog BASStard features:

?51 analog bass multisamples (44KHz/24bit) + lots of one shot FXs
(analog fxs, rings, drops) recorded from Minimoog, Juno 106, TB303, Pro
One and Prophet 5;

?128 NNXT Advanced Sampler Patches. The NNXT filters are really good
and made possible in this collection to emulate the sound of the real
instruments with great accuracy;

?150 NN19 Sampler Patches - Raw and tweaked patches with lots of
great sounding basses, including classic ones like Dark Bass, Latelty
Bass, 80Bass, 303, etc;

?158 Analog Bass Loops - Rex format loops that covers a wide range
of BPM from 85 to 174 and also many styles. These are available also
outside the refill for use with other sampler.

?almost all NNXT / NN19 patches include the Mod Wheel and Velocity
variations for extra sounds and control.

More info, audio demos and free test drive refill:

1. Reason Refills question

2. Pay-what-you-wish for pro sounds, loops and reason refills

Kreativ Sounds is pleased to offer you the coolest (and the first)
sounds shop where you can buy sounds that you desire for as much or as
little as you want. You decide how much / little you want to pay! How
cool is that ?!

More info:

Our latest soundware products are:

TranSID64 Reason Refill features:
- 25 lo-fi and sid sounding multisamples in 44KHz/24bit format;
- 32 NNXT presets, 32 NN19 presets and 4 Combinator instruments;
More info and audio demos are available here:

ShortCircuit Drum Loops features:
- 48 original, granulated, re-sampled and funky drum loops as 44KHz/
24bit REX and ACIDized WAVs;
More info and audio demos are available here:

SequenceK Drum Loops features:
- 70 re-sampled, granularized and sfx-ed 44KHz/16bit REX and ACIDized
More info and audio demos are available here:

All three products are pay-what-you-wish products meaning that it cost
as much as you want to pay.

3. SUBWaves V1 Refill for Reason's SubTractor and Combinator

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