OT: Selling my Cubase SX 1.0

OT: Selling my Cubase SX 1.0

Post by Wor » Fri, 17 Oct 2003 23:52:47

Less than 12 hours left.


Don't be disturbed by the VST/32 box, as its the only box I have (my
wife made me t hrow away the SX box, but I somehow saved the VST/32).

Package includes:

SX 1.0 Disk
SX 1.0 Dongle
SX 1.0 Getting Started Guide

VST32 5 Disk
VST32 5 Dongle
VST32 5 Getting Started Manual

SX Complete by Marc Cooper

Upgradable to SX 2.0 (I believe Steinberg has a small charge to
transfer registration).

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I've done a lot of work mixing digital audio with MIDI material in
Cubase SX, but I'm finding I'm frustrated when it comes to working with
General MIDI files that I want to maintain in their original format,
rather than converting them into Cubase SX projects. I'm working in the
Mac OSX environment. I want to be able to open a downloaded MIDI file
and see how the person who sequenced it put it together--what the
instrument assignments are, what the SysEx messages if any are, and so
forth--and then alter it for my own amazement (and yes, I do respect
other people's copyrights, having several of my own.)

What's a good tool that won't break the bank? Again, Mac OSX is the

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