Sibelius? Finale? Igor Engraver?

Sibelius? Finale? Igor Engraver?

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Music Publisher 5 may be worth a look too. The author lurks here <g>


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1. Sibelius? Finale? Igor Engraver?

2. Assigning Finale "speedy edit" in Sibelius

I've been playing around with the demo of Sibelius 3 and am awaiting
delivery of the real thing. I've had to buy this for my university
course since my compositions next year need to be printed in Sibelius.

I am a Finale user and miss the 'speedy edit' way of inputting notes
in Finale, which I'm pretty quick at now. I've been trying to recreate
this in Sibliues by fiddling around with the "menus and shortcuts"

i.e. Quarter note = 5, eighth note = 4 etc.

I have a fairly quick system now. However, I still have to press the
right arrow to move to the next object on the stave and then press W
(I've assigned this myself) to turn the rest into a note.

What I need to know, is there a way of of making Sibelius move onto
the next note or rest in a bar automatically rather than having to
press the right arrow on the keyboard?

Also, is there any way of altering Sibelius so you don't have to turn
a rest into a note before you can do anything with it?

If I can do these two things, it would speed up note input in Sibelius
a lot for me.

Robert Henson :-)

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