Silly question, but requesting advice

Silly question, but requesting advice

Post by Michelle H » Wed, 31 Dec 2003 17:08:57

Hi guys,
Id really appreciate your expertise on this.

I used to tinker around years ago, and have got an interest back in music
composition with the keyboard.

I have around $5,000 to spend, but dont get me wrong, Im not wealthy by any
means. Ive been fortunate enough to have saved a bit and had a little come
my way recently, and havent had a hobby for ages, but would like to purchase
a keyboard, hook it up to a PC I have and start recording tracks just for my
enjoyment and leisure.

What Id like to be able to do is:

Record tracks through a synth, and if possible, record voice on one or more
of those tracks through the keyboard, hook it up to a computer, and be able
to create CDs out of the composition.

I have looked at Korg Triton Workstations, and would love very much your
expertise in how I could achieve some of this, like what equipment would I
need if I had a song that had 4 tracks, like drums, bass, piano, and then
wanted to put voice over the top as another track. Would this type of
keyboard be able to do this?

Any help greatly appreciated, and sorry if these questions are vague.

Im just not experienced enough to know what I really need. The quality tho
Im looking for is high. I did used to have an Ensoniq ASR10 sampling



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Silly question, but requesting advice

Post by N10 » Sat, 03 Jan 2004 07:47:23


You cold do a lot worse than buy a Korg Triton.

Excellent sound palette

Good sampling facilities

Good sequencer and effects

and about 100 times more relianle than most computer based systems

IF your needs were such you could hook theTriton up the computer for more
elborate control of sequencing and also use the computer for editing samples
and pehapes mastering your stereo mixdowns.

Best N10



Silly question, but requesting advice

Post by JB Seattl » Sat, 03 Jan 2004 08:42:23

I would no longer waste money on a harware based synth even in a really good
keyboard like the Triton. With the power of PC's these days and the
softsynths available, it is a real waste of money--it is already out of date
when you hook it up.
A really powerful computer with something like Gigastudio and a controller
and you stay right up on top.


Silly question, but requesting advice

Post by Des O'Conn » Sat, 03 Jan 2004 22:38:22

t is true some computer set ups are very powerfull and very expressive etc
etc. I think its also true that to accomodate a high end VST instruments,
VST effects and work with a reasonabley high number of audio tracks you
really need a top end machined maxed out on CPU, Memory and DIsk
performance so its no bed or roses.

The music forums and magazine help pages are very busy with
clicks,pops,freezes, corrupt files, no sound, stuttering, mis routing , cpu
overload etc etc so although we have come a long way in regard of computer
music I truelly think there is away to go so lets hope progress continues
at the current rate.

Ofcourse hardware systems have problems to. DOnt i know it :)

I work with both computer based and hardware based systems so Im lucky. My
preference for performance is to use hardware systems although I enjoy
composition in the computer environment.

The debate of whether hardware v software is better is a pointless quest
as both advance faster than the argument can resolve. Its worth poitning out
however if I were to play live( which I do) I defintiely feel more secure
playing a hardware synth than any software emulation.

What is best, is what best in the estimate of the individual and their
requirments as an artist.

Best N10

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Silly question, but requesting advice

Post by JB Seattl » Sun, 04 Jan 2004 09:22:41

ctually DXi is superior to VST, it simply lacks the range but it is
catching up and overtaking.
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Silly question, but requesting advice

Post by Mike Le Vo » Mon, 05 Jan 2004 12:29:24

OK - JB - I'll bite ;-)

When a DXi softsynth is as good as my Roland SC-8850 - I'll use it - until
then - no chance. And by that statement, I mean that it has to respond to
the complete range of Roland SYSEX that exists - something that no GS soft
synth does today.

Also, unless I am missing something, DXi synths only show up in programs
like Cakewalk - my USB MIDI Interface shows up as a standard MIDI device -
so this means that my external synths can be driven from every piece of
software there is ...


Mike Le Voi
Visit my MIDI/Audio web page ~mlevoi


Silly question, but requesting advice

Post by JB Seattl » Fri, 09 Jan 2004 02:06:42

ctually the sounds coming from my DXi VSC are superior to my 8820, which is
the cut down stage version of the 8850--the GM2 sounds on the DXi simply
blow the 8820 GM2 sounds out of the water. But this is an ears thing and
all ears are different. There is a presence and richness of the DXi sound
that I cannot duplicate with the 8820 and all my external effects units.
My LiveSynth Soundfonts eat all my hardware units alive on drums and bass.
The problem is using the softsynth system live--it is a programming
nightmare, so I continue to use the 8820 out of a laptop.
Actually BIAB is now supporting Dxi so Powertracks will follow
shortly--although there are some jukebox issues (hint-hint).
I prefer Powrtracks to Cakewalk for live use simply due to the larger Lyrics
Window, better ahead note tracking for the lead riff no sound track, and the
.seq file system is more stable than the .wrk for playback over several
hours--I suspect it has something to do with that odd setup measure Cakewalk
has never dumped into the Event list as a normal midi event series--CW is a
stumblebum after a couple of sets.

I think the softsynths will put the hardware ones out of business fairly
soon--the sounds and the ability to manipulate them (VST is superior on this
at present) is just a matter of time.

I would put my programming genius to work on this newer technology, if I
were you. The programs you have now are better than most of what is out
there. I am sure you can make DXi easier to use as you have done with



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