HELP! - OS X / Roland / Logic Audio problems.

HELP! - OS X / Roland / Logic Audio problems.

Post by mikebe » Sat, 19 Jun 2004 08:55:11

Hi all,

I have recently bought a new Emac running OS X (Panther) as well as a copy
of Emagic Logic Education with the (mistaken) expectation that I would be
able to use this equipment to play midi music through my Roland SC-8850
sound module. Not so! Therefore, I'm writing to the group to see if anyone
can help me. My main problems are given below.

1) Apple, in their infinite wisdom, decided to remove OMS compatibility from
OSX. Thanks, Apple. Consequently, the Roland GS Advanced Editor (GSAE) that
came packaged with the SC-8850 (and is an indispensible tool for adjusting
the module parameters) is now inoperable, as it uses OMS to communicate with
the module. Therefore, does anyone know if there's a way to get GSAE to work
under OSX, or if there's an updated version or a substitute I can use?

2) I used to use MicroLogic under OS 9, and it was really simple to change
the program settings on the module and use GSAE for the final sound-bank
tweaks. Now, with the piss-poorly documented Logic Education package I
bought, I'm obliged to use the Logic environment. I gather that the more
expensive Logic packages come with pre-made environments, but you don't get
these with the "el cheapo" Logic Education package. Again, thanks Apple.
I've tried to get the environment to work, but it seems that an Emagic
multi-instrument can only contain 14-15 banks of sounds and the SC-8850 bank
numbers go up to 48. Therefore, does anyone out there have a WORKING Logic
file designed for the SC-8850 which can access ALL the sounds on ALL the
banks. If anyone's concerned about sending me their prized compositions,
just paste in any old midi sequence into the Logic tracks, I just need a
template that works!

The way things are at the moment for me after all the money I've shelled
out, Apple should change their name to Crapple.

Please send any replies to the email below, as well as to the group and ...
apologies for cross-posting.