I want Roland Key Board Player

I want Roland Key Board Player

Post by Sathish At » Fri, 18 Feb 2005 01:50:40

Hi all,

I need one Roland Key Board player. If any body has, send me
the details.



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2. Roland SCB-7 Daughter Board Sound Card

I am very fond of an old Roland Daugter Board SCB-7, which worked on a
Sound Blaster Vibra 16 in a Pentium I PC.

Now I have a Compaq Presario Desktop, Intel P4, and even though I
haven't open it yet, I'm sure that I can't install it, because that
Sound Blaster Vibra 16 won't have an ISA 16-bit expansion slot to be put in.

Does anyone know of any PCI card with a 26-pin extension for MIDI
interface in which I can plug my Roland Daughter Board to install it in
my current PC?

I asked the Roland Service for a solution but the answer they gave me
was so stupid that isn't worth to be mentioned.

Please; some advice.

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