Midi tracker software

Midi tracker software

Post by cicciopuzz » Thu, 14 Sep 2006 22:26:36

do you guys know midi trackers like the yamaha's to track the output of
an exaphonic pickup into midi events?
If you know what I am talking about (very likely you know a hundred
time more than I do, actually), I was wandering if I could find any
software that could that, instead of paying hundreds of euros.
Any help?

Thank you a lot

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I'm trying to use Modplug Tracker to edit midi files.

However, Modplug opens these files in a manner that disrupts the
rhytmic pattern, so beat becomes corrupted and irregular. For example,
bass drum is 4 spaces appart for a while, and then it's 3 spaces at
one place and this sounds off the beat.

Can someone help me find the option to reduce time unit in opening
conversion, and thereby decrease the conversion error in note timing?
Or any better idea?


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