Music\mp3 discussion group

Music\mp3 discussion group

Post by Orson Vult » Sun, 14 Nov 2004 02:40:08

Sorry if this has posted twice.

I'm trying to set up or find some sort of small discussion group like a book
club where members would swap mp3's by email (is this legal?) and discuss
they're favourite artists and songs.

Everything I have found in Yahoo groups seems to be sorted by artist or
genre. My musical tastes range from 60's pop music to 90's Indie with punk,
blues, rock\metal and downtempo thrown in. So ideally I'd like to join or
create something a bit less restricted.

As I am new to this sort of thing I have a few questions;

1)Is there anyone who has any ideas on where I should look?
2)What would be the best way to set this up?
2)Would anyone be interested in it?