Using iTunes along with MusicMatch

Using iTunes along with MusicMatch

Post by Charles Bl » Sat, 10 Jul 2004 05:17:18

On my old PC, I have a large MP3 library in bad need of organization. I need
to correct tags and move files into appropriate folders on my new PC (both
are networked). I've used iTunes in the past, and would have no problem
having it as my main music library/player. MusicMatch looks intriguing as a
player, but it's the tag editing functions that intrigue me.

Please tell me if the following is correct:

- MusicMatch Plus has a great SuperTagger feature to semi-automatically
correct tags, but its "Add tracks to My Library" function won't move files.
It'll simply create a library pointer to the existing file. There is a
preferences setting to specify target folder (and artist/album subfolder
options), but it's only for the Recorder function used when ripping CDs. If
you're simply organizing existing MP3s, MM won't move the files.

- iTunes does have a setting which creates a copy of any MP3 inported into
the library, using a base folder/artist/album structure. But it doesn't have
an automated tag editor; all edits must be done by hand.

- Therefore, to both organize my files into neat folders and *easily* edit
their tags, I need to use both programs, right? What do you think about the
following recipe?

- Use MusicMatch to edit all my tags and filenames on the old PC.
- Use iTunes to import all files into its library, with both "Copy files
to iTunes music folder when adding to library" and, what the heck. "Keep
iTunes music folder organized" enabled. This will copy the files to their
permanent location on the new PC.
- Use iTunes from now on; to sample MusicMatch and see if I like it
better, I can simply delete its library and create a new library based on
the files in their new location.
- In the future, when I download some new files, I can use MusicMatch to
tag/rename them, iTunes to import them while moving them to their permanent
folder, then delete the new entries from MusicMatch and re-add them from the
iTunes folder.

It seems too easy... I have a nagging feeling I'm missing something here.
Any comments?

Using iTunes along with MusicMatch

Post by noteja » Thu, 15 Jul 2004 14:28:48

If you have windows, you can just go to the folder, and copy it. Then go else
where and do a paste, and everything in a folder gets moved to new location,
including the folder.

I am not so sure you will get the tags moved to itunes, unless music match
actually stores them within the mp3 files.

I think just pick itunes or music match, and stick with it. use windows copy
and paste to move files around if you need it.

You also open my computer window, drag the window over , and then open another.
(now two my computer windows open, and they are side by side)

Then you can click and hold down lets see, think its control, but might be alt,
or the shift key, to highlight a group of file or folder icons.

Then you can left click on this highlighted group, and drag it from one window,
to the other window, and everyghing gets moved to the new location.

That lets you easily re-organize better than messing with two programs and the
hassle of it all.