Virtual Facade

Virtual Facade

Post by Aveline Ge » Thu, 05 Jul 2007 06:10:09

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Hi there,

As you can see from my extremely descriptive subject title I'm having issues
with a VM that I have transported between virtualisation software.
Basically I setup a system to 95% completion using Virtual PC 2007. It was
working great. As I had just purchased my first server, I thought I would
setup Virtual Server 2005 R2 and give that a shot. One I got it running I
finished configuring Visual Studio, during this process I installed IIS6,
the VM is an XP Pro SP3 based system.

Anyway, after all of that I decided it would be better if I just run the
whole thing from my laptop as usual, so copied it back to local disk. After
doing this the VM won't boot correctly, I get to the login screen, enter my
password, then BOSH, the damn thing resets and boots me out entirely before
booting back up to the login screen.

So my question is, is there some easy method to save this system? I would
rather not have to setup all of the software again as that took a couple of
days, although I do have a backup prior to installing the software on top of
Windows which is still working fine, it's all of the additional software
that takes the time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! BTW, I can boot up in safe mode no


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