Way OT: WTB: Music Sample CDs

Way OT: WTB: Music Sample CDs

Post by Rick » Fri, 23 Jul 2004 17:14:34

Hi. I want to try and get back into my music composition days, but I have
found that getting a hold of decent sounds is a very expensive excercise.
What I am after is quality sounds (whether it be sample, loop, synth,
orchestral etc), but I am not trying to go for the very latest thing. I
just need to establish a good library of base sounds so that I can get my
projects off the ground, but the CD-ROMs sold brand new in music stores go
for something like $300 and upwards for each one!

So here's my request ... does anyone have CD-ROMs of sounds they don't need
anymore who would like to sell them for a song (a decent second-hand price
is what I'm considering here). Or if you are game enough, to make a copy of
them for me? I just want to do everything inside the PC right now (using
stuff like Acid Pro or Propellerhead's Reason etc) because I do not have the
cash reserves to risk dedicating towards an unknown source of sounds and
would just like to do this on the cheap to start with. This way I can know
for sure if I'd want to put aside a lot more money to explore this further,
but right now I only want to explore my options and see where it takes me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Before I installed my new m/b , ( an Azus K8V SE Deluxe ) , I could
play music CD's on the CD-ROM drive . This was with the old m/b which
had no on-board sound but had a sound card installed.

The Asus board has an on-boared sound chip and no sound card.

I seem to remember that the previous set-up had a connecting lead
between the sound card and the CD-ROM drive which I now do not have .

Could this be the reason for the lack of output from the MUSIC CD ?

If it is - do I have to have such a connection between the CD-ROM
drive and the m/b somewhere using such a lead in order to get the
drive to play music ?

Does such a lead connect somewhere on the m/b in such cases where the
board has on-board sound ?

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