Collaborative musical/visual environments - - - - - Questionnaire

Collaborative musical/visual environments - - - - - Questionnaire

Post by jamesallib » Mon, 08 Nov 2004 12:31:17

Hi everyone,

I am a 3rd year Software Systems for Arts and Media student from
Hertfordshire, Uk. I would be so appreciative if any of you would
spare a few moments and fill out my questionnaire. Its not too taxing
as there,s only 8 questions.

Short Synopsis

I am creating a prototype for a collaborative online music/visual
creation device called i-jam. The essence of the project is to build a
global community that does not rely on conventional modes of online

I-jam will be built up of rooms where each user controls a DJ and/or
VJ section of the screen. There will also be a screen displaying the
VJ's visual creations. The music will consist of many sets of
synchronized sound loops which will be controllable via volume sliders
or buttons. The VJ section will contain manipulatable animations and
looped video clips.


1 ?Age?

2 ?Sex?

3 ?What is your involvement with music?

4 ?Have you heard of or used a similar sounding artefact to that
described above?

5 ?If so, what was your experience of it?

6 - What features would you like to see in i-jam?

7 ?What do you think could spoil i-jam?

8 ?Is i-jam something you could see yourself using?

9 ?Any other comments?

Thanks very much for taking part

James Alliban