computer music

computer music

Post by Ashle » Sun, 14 Aug 2005 15:08:43

Hello Friend,

interesting music software.

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I have been trying to learn how to use the different programs that come as
cover disks on Computer music magazine, and Future Music Magazine. I have a
pc, and I looked in the folders they told me to look in, and there was nothing

I finally figured it out. They wanted me to find a dll file in the folder.
Windows defaluts to not show any dll files and system files, so if you click on
such a folder it appears empty.

So what you need to install these software instruments that are VST plugins,
and in form of a dll file, is to go to my computer, and get to the folder you

Then you need to click on view, and the top of the window, and go to bottom of
the menu that opens, and select folder options.

Now click on the view tab on this window that opens, and click about the 6th
item down, Show all files.

then close it.

Now you can go to those folders, and select the dll files in each, and go to
muzys vst folder, and put a copy of them in it, and you will be able to use
the instruments.

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