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I am trying to use an "Input" HTMLControl by outputting it
through XSLT.

Now, can I use the Visible property of the HTMLControl.
For example, when a particular condition has been met, I
want to make the HTMLControl invisible.

Can I do it using HTMLControl or do I need to use an
WebControls like <asp:button> or <asp:ImageButton>?

I would really want to use HTMLControl....

Thank you!

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Hi, using Access 2003. I have 2 groups of controls on a form. Based upon user
selection either one or both groups of controls may be visible. Layout
options are
1. one group next to the other group. Visually it looks strange if only the
right side group are visible (ok when only left side group visible).
2. one group below the other group. Visually it looks strange if only one
group are visible (ok when both groups visible).

Is there a way to close the gap when only one group of controls are visible?

Any ideas or suggestions appreciated :-)

Many thanks,

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