Lost Icon/programmes

Lost Icon/programmes

Post by SnVuZW1hYz » Sun, 05 Oct 2008 03:15:01

Hi, I appear to have lost the "My Computer" Icon on my desktop. Together
with that I cannot access my defrag files, disc clean up files - they also
appear to have vanished. I have done a search through explorer but cannot
find anything. Help.



Lost Icon/programmes

Post by PvdG4 » Sun, 05 Oct 2008 05:20:21

You need to ask your Windows question in a group dedicated to your version
of Windows. This is a .NET programming group.

Here's how to find the group you need:

As you appear to be using a web interface, start here to find an appropriate


Click the + beside your language. then scroll down to Windows. In Windows,
open the category for your version ofWindows, then find a group there to
post in.