dreamweaver and geocities

dreamweaver and geocities

Post by Jens-Micha » Thu, 26 Jun 2003 21:10:18

Ally schrieb:

Are you learning HTML or Dreamweaver? If you want to learn HTML, just
use a plain text editor and a browser for checking the results.

YOu can develop a site locally. If you use plain HTML or JavaScript, it
works with any OS that has a browser. If you add PHP, Python, CGI or
SSI, then you'll need a system with a webserver that handles
HTTP-Requests and executes the scripts before the page is sent to the
Linux with Apache is a good base for this :) Of course this only applies
if the webserver you want to put the site on later supports these
features too.

Either way, you should check the result with a variety of browsers as
each one beaves different in so many ways.
Examples: IE5.x does not notice the change of a checkbox in a form, even
if it should execute a command on a change. Netscape does.
Konqueror does no refresh, while all others do.
Netscape chokes on bad table definitions (nesting, missing close tags),
where IE recovers and shows them as if all would be well.
The 'border' attribute of tables means yhe width of a borderline in
Netscape, while it just means 2D or 3D border in IE (and 'bordersize' is
needed fior the width).
and, and, and.

I'm developing a PHP/MySQL based energy management system on a local
linux machine.
(well, I didn't touch my own website on the net for two years now too)


Take a class. Read a book. Don't expect computers to be simple, because
they are not.

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