Post by stonebank » Sat, 28 Feb 2004 21:43:05

Hello all

Does anyone have an original Geoworks 2.0 SDK that they no longer use or
need? If so, I'd be happy to pay something for an original CD.

What I have in mind as a hobby project this year is a chess program for
PC/GEOS, OmniGo, DOS, OS/2 and eComStation (eCS) platforms.

I already have an original 2.1 SDK for OmniGo, but as far as I can see
it's not entirely suitable for PC/GEOS development (for example, the 2.1
version doesn't seem to have an EC version of PC/GEOS for debugging and
I don't think the documentation covers all aspects of PC/GEOS).

I couldn't make use of any SDK that *isn't* DOS-based. I'm hoping that
a 2.0 SDK would be OK for developing a chess program that would work on
any version of PC/GEOS, as I don't think I'd be using any libraries etc.
that wouldn't be common on every PC/GEOS version from Ensemble 2.01 to
NDO R3.2a, NDO 2000, Breadbox Ensemble etc.

I'd be using OS/2 or eCS as the OS on my development machine so the
DOS-based 2.0 SDK would seem suitable for the PC/GEOS side of things.
I've got Borland C++ 4.52 to go with the SDK and will probably also use
OpenWatcom 1.2, as it has an excellent IDE that runs natively under OS/2
and eCS. I could also use OpenWatcom for developing the OS/2, eCS and
DOS versions.

Before anyone gets too e *** d, I would mention that the last time I did
any kind of programming in C was about ten years ago. I've also never
programmed for PC/GEOS, OmniGo etc. before but I'm keen to give it a
go. I do know a reasonable amount about chess programming concepts
though and have an international chess rating, so that might compensate
a little for my rusty/average programming skills.

My goal is to create a fairly "serious" chess program, rather than one
that barely plays legal chess - that's the idea, anyway!




Post by Edwar » Sat, 28 Feb 2004 21:51:22

Hi Cameron,

Look at under Downloads\ SDK


"stonebank1" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > schreef in bericht



Post by stonebank » Sat, 28 Feb 2004 22:49:42

Hi Edward

I did have a look at before posting here but I didn't
see the SDK I'm after. I think the downloads were also zipped from an
installed hard drive instead of being original installation images.
I'll have another look though in case I was mistaken.




Post by stonebank » Sat, 28 Feb 2004 23:00:19

Hi again Edward

I just double checked, the SDK I need isn't there. Of
the four downloads one is for a cutdown Borland C (already have full
version), the second is device driver documentation (don't need that)
and the other two are for an NT-based Nokia SDK (which I can't use under
OS/2). I did find a sort of hybrid 2.0 SDK updated with a Nokia SDK on
another site, but that was in German and zipped from an installed hard
drive. I'll have to keep looking. Thanks anyway.




Post by Thomas L. » Fri, 05 Mar 2004 06:34:14

On Sat, 28 Feb 2004 01:00:19 +1100, stonebank1

Have you found something you can use? I think this chess program
sounds cool, so I hope someone can help you get hands of a SDK you can
use. Maybe if you write directly to Breadbox they can help you there.
I think the SDK NewDeal did sell was dos-based, so there must be some
who can help you out there.

Thomas L. Christensen - Horsens, Denmark


Post by Dominique » Sat, 06 Mar 2004 22:05:27


I really recomend the hybrid SDK. I am not really 100% into what is in
that SDK Version but it sounds much like my wrangled installation. Don't
worry about the lack of installation routines :-) you only need some
paths to compiler and you're set anyway.

However it is not really very easy to learn programming for GEOS.
Actually it is a decent step up compared to most systems. not so much
because it is overcomplicated but because it has so little sample code
and is generally speaking subotimally documented... alas there is no
more knowledgebase arround etc... but you'll find folks in here vrey
friendly and helpfull.

If there ever would be a decent code-editor with autocomplete, very good
documentation, (almost) errorfree header files and plenty of samples
you'd love it. Ok, memory management is not pretty either... ;-)



Post by Thomas L. » Sat, 06 Mar 2004 23:18:06

On Fri, 05 Mar 2004 14:05:27 +0100, Dominique Vocat

In other words; you love it? :-)