Post by Edwar » Thu, 25 Sep 2003 04:54:50

Hey Hans,

What did you do? Just read that millions of Swedish and Danish people were
without electricity and internet this afternoon?
Did you manage to connect a 3 GHZ pc via Geos and DSL? :-)

BTW still can't read original postings of you here.

Edward Nijs


Post by Hans Lindg » Thu, 25 Sep 2003 06:32:54

Nah.....internet was gone 30 minutes at work, from about 12.30 to 13.00.
No loss of electricity, what I can recall. It was the southern parts of Sweden
that was affected. It is said that two million swedes (of nine millions)
were out of electricity. Two big cables, one to Germany and one to Poland
were taken out of production due to maintenance, so was one nucelar reactor
of Oskarshamn also shutdown for maintenance, due to an error, what kind of,
I can't recall for the moment. All this together with an error in a power
junction lead to the loss of electricity.

Yes of course, no problem to connect a 3 GHz PC via GEOS and ADSL, I just
have to use CPU-Killer to slowdown the CPU...... ;-)
As a matter of fact I use my P-75 loaded with BBX Ensemble and ADSL to connect
writing this.

My ISP found a broken link at a (distributon?) server out of control of
my ISP. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. It's been awhile since I have
posted here, beside the posting earlier today. My absence is due to the latest
events happening here in Sweden, due to the *** of our minister of foreign
affairs, Mrs Anna Lindh. I have been in a very bad mood, I would not call
it sorrow, as I did not personally know her, but suddenly many things did
not feel that important............