FS: Alpha 533 in UK

FS: Alpha 533 in UK

Post by AndyTor » Wed, 10 Sep 2003 05:51:04


I have for sale the following :-

Alpha 533 CPU with genuine fan etc

PC164SX Board

has a pair of dimms in it, the strange thing is can't remember if it was
2x128 or 2x256, unit currently at my friends office 50 miles away was using
his IP range for webserver, not online now so cannot check, will be picking
the unit back up in the next few days/ a week or so

2940 Scsi card with 23gb Seagate elite drive
2 x network cards, one digital, one intel I think

in a 19" 4U rackmount case with 300Watt supply etc, was running redhat 6.1
or 6.2

all the normal bits, simple video card (was a webserver)

Anyone interested, make me an offer, I would love to keeo it but moving to
Oz and dont want to pay excess baggage on it as its quite heavy

also got another 4u server to sell but thats a dual intel, so unless you
want the box I will say no more ;-)

oh, and a 1u rack server, but again an intel

Andy Tork

p.s. hope its ok to post for sales in here

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