PWS / 500AU

PWS / 500AU

Post by Johhn » Thu, 13 Jan 2005 06:25:38

Hey All,

Does anyone know what the pin settings are for the 600AU (600mhz) 21164
Processor on a 500AU? I want to overclock my processor. I have had it
done in the past to another system and it was nice and stable. i have
not got the original system but want to overclock the two servers I
currently have.

Anyone with the pins would be great.


PWS / 500AU

Post by Crab » Thu, 13 Jan 2005 14:12:23

Here's a link. Don't be surprised if most settings don't work. DEC had
a way of making things difficult.



PWS / 500AU

Post by thursda » Fri, 14 Jan 2005 12:11:32

To the list:

I dug up, used and re-posted on the RH-alpha list J. de Maagd's
original posting. TRhat was a year ago. The machine I overclocked to
600, an early-model PWS 500a is running like a swiss watch one year

Another 500au - a late model with USB ports - did not do so well. It
would only take clocking to 566. Interestingly, SRM saw the cpu at 600
mhz, while the AlphaBios reported it at 566.

On the both machines I tried two different CPUs, one a 533 mhz Samsung
alpha, the other the DEC stock 500, with the same results.

I haven't got all this figured out. It may be that some mobos don't
overclock and some do, luck of the draw. It may be that the late model
mobos don't like to overclock and the early ones are less fussy.
anyway, good luck to you, Johnny