TuxCDs ripoff - REQ Debian 3 CD1

TuxCDs ripoff - REQ Debian 3 CD1

Post by David Merr » Wed, 08 Oct 2003 10:13:10

An order I placed with TuxCDs never showed up, and they wouldn't answer
my email inquiries, so I'm hoping some kind soul out there would be kind
enough to burn me a copy of Disk 1 of the Debian "Woody" release. I can't
download the ISOs directly with a dialup :-(

I'll be MORE than happy to replace the disk and add more to cover the
cost of postage.

Soon would be good - I've got two old DEC AlphaServer 1000s that should
have been up and running two weeks ago....

David Merriman
webmaster, www.billingsvetstanddown.org
webmaster, www.computer4kids.us