iis 6.0 setup to run .exe from url

iis 6.0 setup to run .exe from url

Post by cnQ » Tue, 09 Nov 2004 22:00:01


currently iam using window 2000 server
with no touch deployment, this works fine.
like accessing
the setting are as follows

Permissions are readonly
Execute Permission None.

but i bought new windows 2003 server

i have a problem , this does not work.
i have set the same setting, what i did in win 2k, but it say page cannot
other htmls are working fine, and even .aspx, .asp works fine.

is there any permissions need to assign.

how should i do it, help me pls


iis 6.0 setup to run .exe from url

Post by richl » Wed, 10 Nov 2004 21:25:07

A few ideas to try:
1. In IIS check the properties for the site, on the HomeDirectory tab check
what is selected for "Execute Permissions".
2. On the same tab click "Configuration" and verify that the file extension
".exe" is not mapped to anything.
3. Check log file in C:\WINDOWS\system32\LogFiles\HTTPERR for possible
explanation of the error

You may also find something useful here:
Development Impacts of Security Changes in Windows Server 2003
Michael Howard
Secure Windows Initiative

June 16, 2003