Converting 2-tier ASP.NET application to 3-tier

Converting 2-tier ASP.NET application to 3-tier

Post by BP » Wed, 29 Sep 2004 02:14:10


What will be the best way to convert an ASP.Net web application which has got 3 logical tiers but residing on 2 servers, IIS webserver and MSSQL Database server, to a physical 3-tier application model.

Is there a way we can forward all the requests coming to the webserver, to another webserver which is inside the firewall, without the users knowledge? Will that architecture will be secure? The reason I am thinking about this solution is that way i don't need to change anything on our existing application, and also i will be able to move another application which is written in simple asp without any logical tiers to this 3 physical tier application model.

any suggestions will be greatly appreciated,


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Converting 2-tier ASP.NET application to 3-tier

Post by TWF0ZXVzIF » Wed, 29 Sep 2004 10:01:01


I have two suggestions for you:

First one: Take a look at "User Interface Processing" Application Block. If
you can put this block in your application and sepparate all the code from
pages into controllers, then you will be one step from create a business tier
and remove from the controllers the business logic.

Secon One: Microsoft ISA server can foward the request to the server behind
the firewall.