compiling p7zip (7za for DOS)

compiling p7zip (7za for DOS)

Post by rugxul » Tue, 06 Mar 2007 06:44:35

Okay, I know some people here know how to compile this thing, but I'm
too frustrated to try by myself anymore without help:

1). What specific files do I need? (WATTCP?? pthreads??)
2). Where online can I download these specific file versions?
3). What non-essential DJGPP packages do I need (besides DJDEV204,
BNU2161, GCC410, GPP410, MAK3791)
4). What specific commands must I run? (`make 7za'??)

N.B. I'm running Win XP Home SP2 (no surprise there, it's very common
these days).

compiling p7zip (7za for DOS)

Post by Florian Xa » Tue, 06 Mar 2007 06:52:02


yes, you need WATT-32 and PTHREADS. No more special libraries should be
needed. Then you SHOULD only need to type make. If you have questions, I
think, Blair can help you:

There could be one reason:
I am also using WinXP SP2 sometimes...but MAKE has problem with it. So it
displays errors, which aren't... so I am compiling under FreeDOS, using
Necromancer DOS Navigator as IDE and have no problem - be very happy.


Florian Xaver

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compiling p7zip (7za for DOS)

Post by Robert Rie » Tue, 06 Mar 2007 21:08:47


I "better-than-nothing" starting point would be

Although this DJGPP installation is somewhat messy or hacked, I
successfully compiled p7zip.

Robert Riebisch
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compiling p7zip (7za for DOS)

Post by rugxul » Thu, 08 Mar 2007 12:39:08

I think there's a newer official FreeDOS 1.0 port (7za 4.42) than the
version on Blair's page, and that's the one I use:,

(However, this one seems, in my limited testing, to dislike CWSDPMI
for whatever reason. Just FYI, in case anyone has the same problem: on
my old P166 w/ 32 MB RAM, 7za 4.42 seemed to consistently segfault
unless I stubbed it with WDOS/X or used DR-DOS' DPMI server instead.
If anyone finds out why, I'll be glad to know.)

It's possible, but mainly I couldn't figure out for certain (since it
never worked) what files for WATT-32 and pthreads are necessary to
install. (Why is WATT-32 even needed??) So, it's no surprise that I
couldn't rebuild. :-/

compiling p7zip (7za for DOS)

Post by Florian Xa » Fri, 09 Mar 2007 03:31:43



I am using the "old" version from Blairs homepage and haven't a problem.

I think you have to install/compile both libraries and to link it to p7zip.
I also looked at the source code...C++ is maybe very nice...I am not a
fan, because it produce big programs.
But there seems be many overhead...?

Florian Xaver

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compiling p7zip (7za for DOS)

Post by rugxul » Fri, 09 Mar 2007 10:40:00

I'm assuming its the DPMI 1.0 extensions (bad handling of NULL
pointers?) because using `cwsdpmi -x' stopped the page faults. Of
course, I just stubbed it with WDOS/X 0.97 to avoid having to manually
disable that every time.

Also, FYI to anyone else confused like me (heh), it seems to dislike
backslashes, so it only works if you do `p7zip a file.7z c:/utils/
dc.*' instead of doing it the normal DOS way.

P.S. Of course, using the Win32 console version of 7za.exe with HXRT
( ) also works well. :-)

compiling p7zip (7za for DOS)

Post by Blair Camp » Sat, 31 Mar 2007 07:44:09

> It's possible, but mainly I couldn't figure out for certain (since it

Well, the pthreads port is actually a port of GNU PTH, a
single-tasking multithreader, basically, which uses some sockets
functions. Which is why WATT-32 is needed. Obviously whoever ported
the program never bothered to take the effort to remove the
dependency, even though it could probably be done.

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