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I get following error if I want to compile some projects, like Allegro:

"cc1plus.exe: out of memory allocating 65536 bytes after a total of
10376592 bytes"

go32-v2 tells me, that 21144Kb is available. I changed configuration of
memory in dosemurc but nothing changed...


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Has anyone out there attempted to run the client access utilities
RTOPCB and RFROMPCB using DOSEMU (or equivelant) under PASE? (I'm on
V5R3 and haven't loaded PASE yet.)

I have an old custom DOS utility that acts as a wrapper around these
commands to provide a file tranfer utility. I want to replace that
since it is now being used from PC's to transfer files between the
library file system and the IFS! It is convenient (as far as manual
processing goes) but only at the cost of performance and security.

I would welcome any thoughts on using PASE/DOSEMU as an interim
solution. I would also like to know (for the long term) of any
features provided by these two commands that might be difficult to
accomplish with SQL or OS/400 commands like CPYFRMIMPF. The custom
utility doesn't seem to offer *all* client access data transfer
functions. Aside from the obvious (source/target file, ip address,
etc), it only gives the user these options:

For downloads:

File type: 18 choices such as ASCII, DOS Random, Biff4, etc. Seems to
match CA options.
Truncate spaces (yes/no)
Pad numeric field with leading zero's (yes/no)
Include EOF Indicator (yes/no)

For uploads:

File type (of source file on PC)
Record length


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