:-) :-) :-) Drivers for HP Notebook N3438

:-) :-) :-) Drivers for HP Notebook N3438

Post by 0_Qe » Sat, 31 Dec 2005 11:45:54

A 'better yet' idea.

I forgot to mention that most replacement bats are fabbed
with a spot =weld= tab ...
which ...
provides a lo_heat, ultra_quick connect to the wiring harness
in the bat pack.
Most recharg bats are =zapped=
if soldered using too much time, w/ a big iron.

Not having a spot welder ...
I usually 'solder' with an alum heat sink twixt s_joint and the bat body
scraps of 1/8" alum, tite clamped to both sides of wire bat 'lead' .


1. Norman Antivirus/2 Java Frontend Support - It worked :-) :-) :-)

2. OT :-) OT :-) OT warning PC failed - another system - now won't boot from HDD

I've installed Gnu/Linux (Ubuntu version) on the box.

The motherboard in my PC died, and I figured I'll give it a
shot, dropped the HDD from one PC (AthlonXP 1800) into a
older Pentium II. Figured that if it would not work I could
at least transfer the data to the spare HDD, but lo and
behold it worked, had to edit on boot-up the boot-loader and
then later the file for it. Hooked up the same monitor, used
the same NIC with the same IP...

I've installed the same OS at a friends PC, in the same way,
but we could never get the modem to work. It was a so called
"win-modem" and can't get to work in Gnu/Linux.

Other then that everything else got up and running.

So yes I can understand your frustration, but I better stop
the OT now.... :-)

Dragomir Kollaric
"When science discovers the center of the universe, a lot of
people will be disappointed to find they are not it."
>> Bernard Baily <<

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12. Why do we need a lot of PCI Device Driver?A stupid question from newbie.:-)

13. Best Buy's customer service goes far beyond the call of duty............. :-) :-)

14. un saucisson a gagner ! :-)