Grace Login Question

Grace Login Question

Post by David » Fri, 23 Sep 2005 02:25:34

Our users require to renew there passwords everything 30 days. There
Grace logins are set

Allowed: 1

Remainig: 1.

This has worked fine for several years, however recently one user is
experiancing and issue, when he attempts to log on, the error messages
comes up saying you your password has expired and your out of grace
logins. When I check his account, sure enough, his remaining grace
logins is se to 0 and the password expiration date is set to
01/01/2005. Keep in mind just before he logged in the password
expiration was set to a future date within 30 days and he had at least
1 grace login.

It appears when he logs on it resets the password expiration date and
grace logins remaining.

Has anyone of you seen this before or have an idea what might be