Microtest DiscView Pro for Netware

Microtest DiscView Pro for Netware

Post by Thomas Adl » Sun, 01 Aug 2004 17:29:46

Hi there!

Does anybody still run Microtest DiscView Pro (Netware) with a Pioneer
DRM-5004X C-Jukebox?

I'm running it with a NSM Mercury40 and now got a Pioneer and there is no
possibility to get the driver as Microtest stoped the development of the
software. As I got the DRM-5004X for only 200,- Euro it don't make any sense
buying new software for over 2000,- EU.

I don't think that's a legal problem if somebody sends me the driver...


Thomas Adler

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Just got a microtest disc port XL, model 2943-4002-01 and it came with no power supply.
Nor is the case marked. Pulled it apart and the outer pin is the negative but I do not
know what the voltage needs to be. I have a lot of wall warts, and one of them is the one,
I just do not know what one it is. Hoping some one here does. Or a way of figuring it out with
out letting the magic smoke out of the chips.
This is a SCSI to net converter for a stack of CD roms, not the CD's and the hardware
for them.

Thanks for reading this far,


Off the Grid, Off the Road, Off my Rocker...

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