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We have problems with broadcast traffic on a very large flat network
with 9 NW6 servers.

Among other thins we need to reduce rip & sap broadcasts.

Can somone tell me the difference between implementing NLSP &
implementing SLP?
Do I need to do both, or just one?

How complicated will this be?



2. Adaptec SCSI Raid 2230 SLP - 2 arrays mixed on two channels

I would like to know if it's possible (better?) to mixed two arrays on the
two channels.
I have 10 disks and I want two create a Raid 5 (8 disks) and a Raid 0 (2
disks). Can I do that if I connect 4+1 disks on each channel? Or is it
better to connect 8 disks (for my Raid 5) on one channel and 2 disks (Raid
0) on the second channel.

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