NW 6.5 trad volume w/ missing segments

NW 6.5 trad volume w/ missing segments

Post by Dave Manni » Fri, 11 Jan 2008 04:42:24

While attempting to increase the size (2GB
-> 4 GB) of a traditional NW volume
on a NW6.5, SP5 server, a critical error
occurred. This one volume failed to
load upon restart. All other volumes are
ok (including SYS) and are mirrored.

Vrepair fails, stating that 2 vol segments
with same sync have mismatched data.

My backups have a gap, due to a problem w/
Symantec's Backup Exec for Netware 9.1
append-overwrite error (now patched).

Are there any tools to manage NWFS volume
segment info? It seems that there are two
additional segment entries that are invalid.

Tried using the Portlock Stormgr eval
choosing repair / NW trad part & vol recov
cmds / repair vol w missing segment ...
Stormgr responds showing segments 0 & 1
valid, (2 GB ea, which is believable)
and then segments 2,3 missing. Then says
it can't find all volume segments, and
since it has more than one segment
missing, volume repair won't be attempted.

Alternately, tried Repair a Mismatched Vol
table, the list of vol dir table sector
#1-4 does appear, suggesting the volume in
this partition is recoverable.

I would like to image either the first
valid segment,
or the first two segments to merge them
into one segment,
or ignore "zero out" these invalid segments,
but don't see what sectors should be
imaged for that segment.
I expect that the first valid segment (#0)
contains all of my missing data, as it
occupied less
than the original 2GB of space.


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NW 6.5 trad volume w/ missing segments

Post by David Gers » Fri, 11 Jan 2008 13:18:50

At this point, you should probably call Portlock. If they think it
can be fixed, it'll cost you, but the data's probably worth the
price or you wouldn't be trying to save it.

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