Windows XP & Novell 3.12 with Print Queues & Dos Program

Windows XP & Novell 3.12 with Print Queues & Dos Program

Post by Thoma » Sat, 28 Aug 2004 19:28:50

Hi ,
I have 2 problems both involving Windows XP workstations working
incorrectly with Dos programs running on Novell Servers.

I have a Dos program running perfectly for years with windows 95 & 98
Workstations. The program is on a Novell 3.12 Server with printers assigned
print queues.

The problem now is that new computers with Windows XP running the program do
not work with the print queues. If you select a print queue from within the
program it will print but if you select another print queue for another
report it uses the first queue selected to print the report or it might
print to any printer on the network.
Novell Client V4.83 SP2 is installed on the Windows XP computer to link to
the Novell server.

I also have another problem with linking a Windows XP workstation to a
Novell 4.12 Server running a different dos program. This dos program
also ran perfectly using windows 95 & 98 workstations. The problem this time
is printing to local printers takes 10 to 15 seconds and I am getting
database locking problems where none existed before.

Is there something that can be done to get dos programs, running on Novell
Servers, to work with Windows XP. All new computers running Windows XP are
using Novell Client V4.83SP2 to link to the Novell Servers.

Are Microsoft trying to get rid of Novell Servers by making their new
operating systems incompatable with Novell?.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Windows XP & Novell 3.12 with Print Queues & Dos Program

Post by someone so » Sat, 28 Aug 2004 19:39:18

3.12? Time to upgrade mon.

Here is a trick you might want to try however.

Create a dos bat file. In in run a capture.exe command to the printer you
want the one program that doesnt print correctly. Then have the bat file
open the windows program. Then make the third line uncapture the printer.

Put the file on the server where the user(s) can open it. Copy shortcut to
the desktop to the user(s).

The whole idea here is that when they open the dos file, it creates a
temporary capture to the bindary queue. It then opens the Windows program.
When the user exits the program, that is when the end capture is run. Thus
everything is back to normal. oh yea, add a fourth line to exit. Syntax in
dos file is sortof like this:

capture.exe q=printer.que nf nb
capture.exe /end (dont remember the exact syntax)

I had to do this with 4.11 netware, and Windows 2000 and Xp.

Good luck!