Workstations On Netware Network Pause/Freeze

Workstations On Netware Network Pause/Freeze

Post by jim » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 16:41:33

Hello All,
I have a problem with my Netware 5.1/6.0 Network that
we have a mixture of Win98SE and Windows 2000 Workstations. The
problem we have is that with the Win98SE workstations is that they
seem to pause for about 5-15 seconds. No keyboard input can be done.
Mouse is not affected. No HDD activity but then the machine comes back
to life again. You can be doing anything, this will happen.
But I have noticed that this problem appears to happen mostly when I
am browsing through Windows Explorer or My Computer. As seems to be a
problem somewhere in the Computer Browsing. I have made sure all my
DNS are working properly. But in the W2K PCs they play up really bad
when you browse the network drives in My Computer/Windows Explorer. Or
even in Microsoft Word when you go to save or open a file in the file
browser. (This happens on the Win98SE PCs too.)
Before we upgraded to Netware 6.0 when we had Netware 5.1 we had
this problem.
I can pretty sure to say what ever is causing the pausing problem
in the W2K PCs is making the Win98SE workstations freeezing too. I
have tried un-installing Netware Client, re-installing Netware Client.
I have now the latest Netware Client Running. (Client 3.32 SP1 for
Win98Se and 4.83 SP1 for NT)
Service Pack 3 installed on the W2K PCs.
If anyone out there has any ideas or has had this problem before I
would really like to know what can be causing this problem.

Thanks in advance

Jim Propert

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