Auditcon and e-directory

Auditcon and e-directory

Post by Jim Anders » Tue, 29 Jun 2004 19:30:59


Some years ago I messed with a netware server, and got Auditcon up and
running, and it logged users activities on files in certain folders.

I told a client recently that he could probably do the same, but I am now
being told that Auditcon doesn't work, probably because they "upgraded" to
e-directory (whatever that is... new filesystem ???).

They use netware 5.1, e-directory

He tried something called Nsure Audit, but he said it produced huge logfiles
because he can't configure it to log specific events (file access), in
specific folders. It logs everything everywhere.

Can anyone verify this, and maybe briefly explain what e-directory is, and
even give me some tips on what to do now ?

And doesn't logging everyhing slow the system down ?


Auditcon and e-directory

Post by David Gers » Wed, 30 Jun 2004 09:05:27

Oh, and BTW, I know the guy behind most of the code for NSure Audit. He's a
speed / performance nut, and is very concerned with performance. There's
inevitably some overhead to any auditing, but you can be sure that he's
minimized it and tested it under load to ensure that you won't notice it.

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