Auditcon hangs up

Auditcon hangs up

Post by Jarosw Raf » Thu, 13 Oct 2005 21:58:53

I have horrible problems with AUDITCON. I've set up auditing of users
login/logout, but cannot use it because AUDITCON hangs most times when I
try to view logs. I go to "Audit directory services", choose a context,
F10, "Auditing reports" and when I select "View audit file" or "Report
audit file" (also for old files - "View old audit file", "Report old
audit file") the program "freezes" and nothing is happening anymore.
I run AUDITCON from a DOS session in Win98 - maybe I should do it from a
pure DOS?
My Netware version is 5.1 SP6, AUDITCON v. 4.35, only one server in tree.
Jaroslaw Rafa
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