global variables in .NET: how to store a connection string and have it availablethroughout..

global variables in .NET: how to store a connection string and have it availablethroughout..

Post by Miha Marki » Sat, 06 Dec 2003 18:54:22

Hi Troy,

You should say that you are on the :)
Store it in the either Session collection (Session["key"] = value) or
Application collection (Application["key"] = value) .

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file shows the initial value of the login name variable declared inside the
module and prompts the user to enter his own login name . how come when I
run the application in VS.NET again, the same login name last inputted shows
up, it's like the module doesn't reset it's own value.
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I'm sure this has been asked a million times but I can't seem to
formulate a google search that returns what i'm looking for.

I've go a dev and live environment. Currently the DB connect string is
hard coded into each php file which means i'm going to have to change
every page - Arrgh!!

If i put the DBonnect into a function and store it in an include file,
it doesn't seem to work, Also the connetion works with inline PHP
statements, but I have to repeat it in every function even if they are
in the main php file??? which doesn't seem right to me..

I need to either :-

Store the connection variables in an include file and retrieve them as
global values


Store the connection string in a function in an include file which can
be accessed by all functions.

also do I really have to call the dbconnect inside every function.

Please note, if it makes any difference, I still havn't got my head
round OO programming in PHP so it is still pretty much procedural. I
am using PEAR but dont really understand (or care at the moment) about
what it is doing.

Thanks in advance


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