[eCS FRAUD] [eCS Baloney] [eCS SCAM] Stop whining [eCS SPAM].

[eCS FRAUD] [eCS Baloney] [eCS SCAM] Stop whining [eCS SPAM].

Post by The OS/2 G » Sun, 14 Sep 2003 22:12:33

Wait Doug. Let's show them all what a really old old idyit you really are:


To the readers:

The OS/2 community would appreciate the insertion of [eCS SCAM] or
[eCS SPAM] in any message purporting to report on or promote the
failed product called eCS or eComStation.

By adding the bracketed titles you are helping the OS/2 community
rid the OS/2 newsgroups of illegal spamming by Serenity Systems,
their salesmen, investors and Anti-OS/2 fanatics.

Thanks you for your cooperation.

And for those readers really irritated with the eCS fanatics:

Complaints of illegal spamming by Serenity Officials, their salesmen,
distributors and investors in the OS/2 newsgroups will be accepted
and investigated by the Federal Trade Commission.

The eCS product is a *privately owned proprietary commercial package*
which prevents these eCS freaks from illegally misusing these OS/2
newsgroups to promote its sale through false advertising, misnomer
marketing tactics, public harassment, personal threats, phony
testimonials, and fake eCS customers. Such postings are commercial
spam published illegally to promote and sell a *privately owned
propreitary commercial package* in a public newsgroup.

Pandering a problematic product that doesn't work as advertised and
pitched illlegally by Serenity Officials, their distributors, salesmen and
investors here in the OS/2 newsgroups is an illegal and criminal act.

Please, take your complaint to the Federal Trade Commission here:

Tim Martin, The OS/2 Guy
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From his Warp 4.53 ThinkPad T40 w/2GIG of RAM,
80GIG of Hard Disk and IBM's Web Browser for OS/2