eCS SCAM Now eCS is .. sinking fast

eCS SCAM Now eCS is .. sinking fast

Post by The OS/2 G » Fri, 03 Sep 2004 07:35:03

op posting alert ...

The Boob is thrashing about like a dying loon (oh, wait, that was
LoonyToony Cheung, the partner who took a powder...) ok, The Boob is
sinking fast and dog paddling like a drowning Beagle as he desperately
tries to explain his reason for losing his one Canadian eCS distributor,

The problem with Serenity is: Serenity doesn't sell or ship their own
product themselves. Serenity knows it is a piece of crap and as long as
they can get others to do their selling, Serenity can claim immunity.
"It's Meansys' fault if they won't sell you SVista/2 or if they
overcharge you with VAT fees - certainly nothing we here at Serenity
would do... It's certainly not Serenity's fault that BMTMicro is taking
pre-orders yet refuses to ship the buggy product until it gets fixed...."

Keep thrashing er.... flailing about in the water Boob because nobody's
buying your whiny excuses!

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