Can't Use Typed Dataset from Class Library in .Net 2.0 - Help!

Can't Use Typed Dataset from Class Library in .Net 2.0 - Help!

Post by Abhorrenat » Mon, 10 Jul 2006 08:11:24

I need to have several different applications on a multi-tiered system
access a common data infrastructure. I'm trying to store a strongly
typed dataset in a class library (dll) which contains resources common
to all of the applications. I'm having problems.

Right now I've got three projects in a solution. This is all .Net

1) web site.
2) win forms app
3) class library (dll)

I've got a typed Dataset in the class library. The web site is
able to reference the DLL and the contained Dataset without any
problems. It works perfectly.

The win forms app however is having problems. If I manually
(programatically) add the data adapter then I can access the data, so I
know the connections are good, but when I add it to the "data sources"
menu and try to drag a gridview over to the web form, the only thing
that shows up is a ClearBeforeFill check box... all of my table columns
go away.

To add the data source I'm going to Add New Datasource/object, browsing
into the dll, and selecting the table data adapter for a specific
table. I can see the table columns by adding the Dataset as the
DataSource instead, but that doesn't get me anything since I need the
adapter to do the work of actually getting the data...

Has anybody else experienced this? How can I get my winforms app to
properly use the Dataset?