If I have a gridview with edit buttons, how do I show dropdowns in edit mode?

If I have a gridview with edit buttons, how do I show dropdowns in edit mode?

Post by COHENMARVI » Thu, 01 May 2008 22:27:34

I have a gridview that allows the user to edit rows by clicking on an
EDIT button for each row. I notice that in EDIT mode I get checkboxes
for some fields, and textboxes for others. But I would like to have a
dropdownlist in some cases. I would have to prefill that dropdown
list with allowed values.

How do I do that?


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I have an Excel sheet with lots of VBA in the back and several buttons
on the sheet. If I open this sheet on my own pc it opens in 'run' mode
which means I can click the buttons and everything runs.

When I open it on some other machine it always opens in 'edit' mode
which means I can not click the buttons but only change size etc.
I know I can go to 'run' mode using the control toolbox. But how can I
configure Excel on that machine that it always opens in 'run' mode
automatically??! Thanx!!!

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