Audio Cd Creator 056

Audio Cd Creator 056

Post by William L. » Fri, 25 Feb 2005 04:22:38


I had two errors messages while installing the latest.

One says that I have an old version of the installer, and that I must
uninstall it, exiting the install as the default choice. Since that is
false, I had to select no. There is no other record of a prior version
of this install.exe on the machine. I uninstalled the prior version of
ADC and deleted the folder, removed the various dlls scattered about,
and manually edit the ini looking for anything that even looked like a
reference to this product or to this file. Ran checkini/c a dozen times
with xfix and cleanini thrown in for good measure. I went the extra
mile looking for this older version of which the installer complained.
I did a complete search of all drives for anything named install.exe.
Found dozens of files with that name, but none by Chris. So by what
method do I use to find this file and uninstall/update? When the
installer run, it says it is the latest version.

There is a script error that appears immediately after answer no to the
prior question and again when the desktop objects are created. It
complains about an end statement.

Now I need to go find where I put all those programs that it needs to
Thanks a Million!

Audio Cd Creator 056

Post by yankeebea » Fri, 25 Feb 2005 12:03:25

On Wed, 23 Feb 2005 13:22:38 -0600, "William L. Hartzell"

Did you find this one ?: :\OS2\APPS\CWINST\INSTALL.EXE

Mine is version and was last used to install ADC V0.55 -
haven't tried with ADC V0.56 yet. Also there are attendant install
related files in this directory tree that may be read by the installer
and give the impression that the full installer package is there
whether the .exe still is or not.


Audio Cd Creator 056

Post by William L. » Fri, 25 Feb 2005 13:37:48


yankeebean wrote:
I found a global.ini in an archive on I: drive that referred to the old
version. Deleted it and that bug is gone. I: drive is a Warp 4 fp 12
archive that I had mounted to copy a file from and not hid again.

No, I don't like to see apps being installed to the boot drive. If I
need to switch boot volumes, the application dies. I don't mind running
a script to register the classes in the new boot volume, but the
application really needs to stay boot volume neutral. In fact to
support this, I load most everything that needs entries into libpath and
other path statements via TVFS script that resides on the application
volume (a side effect of the work-around fix for the config.sys line
limit). The TVFS script runs from startup.cmd and completes before the
desktop is loaded. I use a desktop boot logo image with Xworkplace to
delay the loading of the desktop. Now if I could only find a way to
make startup.cmd file to load minimized so it does not cut off the top
of the pretty girl when it exits? (Thanks Paul, the new version of
Xworkplace works fine. Only got one entry in the trap log in two days
of use, which is a real improvement.)

I see that this version now supports using DVDdao to burn DVD data
disks. Unfortunately, DVD double layer disks are too expensive to use
for just one session, unless one can marshal that much data for a single
session burn (not that I purchased a DL disk yet). We really need
multisession support in DVDdao, please?
Thanks a Million!