Still problems with the sis chip

Still problems with the sis chip

Post by geis » Fri, 10 Oct 2003 04:05:59

i tried the uniaudio version from 07.08.03 and it doesnt seems to work
for me.

i already deleted the mmpm2.ini and let os/2 create a new one and
installed then the uniaudio driver again.
All sett8ings in the mmpm2.ini seems to be correct.

i guess the problem is a irq problem.

As with the pci.exe sniffer i found out , that on IRQ10 where the SIS
chip wheresabout - still 4 other devices running.

This is the USB OHCI the Firewire and the Network Card as well as the
soundchip itself.

The Uniaudio driver loads fine in the cinfig.sys and displays me
correctly the I/O Adress and IRQ 10 for the SIS chip as well as telling
me a Mixer of ALC 200/200p.

But this information will later when the Pmshell is up not written into
the Hardware Manager, instead only the UNIAUDIO32.SYS driver will be shown.

According to my desktop system where i have a via chipset in there
should a 2nd line appear in hardware manager telling me sonething like
VIAXXX with XXX Codec at IRQ xx .

This line doesnt appear on the Notbook computer with the SIS chipset.

Next i tried the driver from realtek for the alc codec.
(I deleted the mmpm2.ini once again and let the system create a new
baisc one before i installed this driver)

This time also the driver loads fine in config.sys and even all settings
in the hardware manager will appear correctly.

There are 2 lines written there wich displays E/A and Irq as well as the
correctly codec (ALC 200/200p for Intel).

does this now mean the codec works only with INTEL chips ?

Becouse even that evrything looks fine i only could hear a short noise
for a second but i do not get a RC5134 as with the newer uniaudio
drivers (2003/08/21).

Is the problem now either that the IRQ 10 is used by 5 devices at once
and the driver doesnt like to share , or that the realtek drivers does
not work with the SIS chipset ?

I am very thankfull for evry awnsers , i am running out of possibilitys.

The notbook works fine in WINXP so i know the system is working correctly.



Still problems with the sis chip

Post by Peter Brow » Fri, 10 Oct 2003 07:54:42


As a suggestion can you disable any com, lpt ports to try to reduce the
amount of IRQ sharing? I found that necessary on my desktop PC when I
added some usb devices and installed the drivers.




Still problems with the sis chip

Post by geis » Fri, 10 Oct 2003 14:17:03

Peter Brown schrieb:

Wish i could.

The BIOS from this Notebook is very very easy.

There is only 2 options aviable.

Standart Bios Setup where to adjust the harddisk
and Advanced Bios Setup.

In Advanced BIOS Setup there is only 4 options , adjusting CPU Cache and
BOOT Divce and at least the possibility for turning off FM LAN Card.

I already disabled the FM Lan Card , but still have 5 devices wich share
this IRQ10.

On my desktop pc with a VIA chip no other dievice share teh sound IRQ
and the soundchip is also on IRQ 5 instead of 10.

I find this very intressting, looks like windows XP drivers either can
share the sound with other devices or can force the soundchip to work on
a ohter irq (Resource Manager from Windows doesnt show me the IRQ of the

Btw the Notebook is a gericom one.


Still problems with the sis chip

Post by Timothy N. » Tue, 14 Oct 2003 21:39:01

I have this same(similar) setup.. And the same problems. One thing
to do to alleviate the IRQ issue is to rem out some of the USB
statements in the config.sys Mine had 4 statements.. this allowed
me to get the lan card working..

If you get this working let me know...