S3 Virge/DX crashes in OS/2 Warp (French Canadian) with FP15

S3 Virge/DX crashes in OS/2 Warp (French Canadian) with FP15

Post by Jean Casto » Tue, 21 Dec 2004 03:20:54

Since the Matrox MGA Impression Plus crashes in a Pentium-based
machine.with OS/2 Warp (French Canadian) with FP15, I replaced it with
an S3 Virge/DX adapter.

Then I installed the driver that comes on the CD ROM: the files are
all dated 97-03-19. Another disaster! It takes minutes to boot and,
even after an hour, the Windows List is unusable.

With Google, I checked the OS/2 newsgroups and, almost all articles
describe problems!

Has anyone got success with this board?

Thank you very much for reading me.
Jean Castonguay
ectrocommande Pascal

S3 Virge/DX crashes in OS/2 Warp (French Canadian) with FP15

Post by William L. » Thu, 23 Dec 2004 13:57:08


If you are still having problems with this, select the gradd VGA driver
and de-select the driver it finds. I've a Virge video card on Warp 4,
but on a little faster computer than yours. Back then I used the driver
that came with the video card, but since then the Gradd drivers have
gotten much better than those drivers. After you have installed fixpack
15 and the latest kernel from testcase and the device driver fixpack 2,
then go to Scitechsoft web site and get the Personal SNAP video driver
for that chip family. It will be faster than any other driver. How
slow is this Pentium computer? Without reguard for cpu speed, more
memory is required than for Windows 95, I'd suggest 64 MiB and up to
four times that if your machine can hold it to fix the long load times.
Thanks a Million!


S3 Virge/DX crashes in OS/2 Warp (French Canadian) with FP15

Post by David T. J » Thu, 23 Dec 2004 23:03:35

The OS/2 drivers that came on the CD weren't great but they should have
worked better than that on a warp 4 machine with fixpack 15. I suspect
that you have the OS/2 memory detection problem where your OS/2 system
is only finding 16 mb of memory because you have the BIOS switch set for

Boot OS/2 > 64 mb

(or something like that) set to 'enabled'. You may think that it should
be 'enabled' but in reality it is a legacy switch that fp15 does not
need and if you set it to 'enabled' OS/2 will sometimes only find 16 mb
of memory even if you have 512 mb or more! Just find the BIOS settings
when you boot, find the OS/2 switch in there somewhere, set it to
'disabled' and reboot to see what happens. I'll bet it runs a *lot*
better. You should also get the SNAP OS/2 drivers but that is a
relatively minor problem. Bon chance!

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