Sharing VFAT

Sharing VFAT

Post by ron » Tue, 28 Oct 2003 01:15:18

Well after beating numerous problems I'm left with one oddity I don't
quite understand.

Why can't a VFAT drive be shared? Well actually it can be it's just
not readable. I'm using the VFAT driver on both machines.

I've seen references to exporting non-native file systems under NFS as
not a good idea. It seems to me that if a file system is readable on
one machine it should be on the peer also assuming they have the same
configuration for those file systems.

I'm sure there is a real good rule of thumb why but I've never seen it

It appears that also is a problem with something like Limewire, that is
having your shared directory visible if it's not a native file system
under for the OS under which you are using the app.