st. john lies again (ed spins .. and spins)

st. john lies again (ed spins .. and spins)

Post by letoure » Tue, 12 Apr 2005 14:46:10

Stop your lying *** y. The only one spinning here is you.

1. You pointed YOUR DOCUMENT for information when asked for three must have updates in ecs 1.1 -->that document shows you selling an old out dated version of Lotus.

2. When confronted you whined that was out of date.

3. Now you whine that no one updates documents....

You're a complete idiot *** y. You can't even get out own lies in a row anymore. -->Your behavior here meets the standard tests for a sociopath.

PS: I'm dropping all your lies in a folder. It will be turned over the IRS. They love going after tax evaders with a proven record of lying at their finger tips. Someday we will hear you have been shutdown by them for good.

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