Thinkpad T20 and Trackpoint

Thinkpad T20 and Trackpoint

Post by Postmaste » Mon, 08 Sep 2003 03:19:45

Hermann, if you e-mail me with subject "tracker" I will e-mail updated
tracker software which may help.



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The trackpoint moves around perfectly fine and right clicks alright,
but it will not left click when I want it to--it just randomly clicks.
The button is not stuck, it does the same thing when I take it off.
If I reinstall the driver, it seems to work for a bit, but quickly
stops. Yet, it works in safe mode. The computer is otherwise
virus/spyware free.

It doesn't seem like a hardware issue, because it consistently works
in safe mode. It seems to be the driver. Yet, even when I uninstall
and reinstall the driver, it eventually goes bad again. Any ideas?


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